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Severn Valley Railway

Fish & Chip Supper

Severn Valley RailwayBarely three months after forming the new Four Oaks Probus Club, our social calendar commenced with a visit to the Severn Valley Railway. Members and guests were amazed to see on arrival, a transformation from a virtually derelict railway station to a thriving enterprise which included a railway museum, a gift shop, a very nicely presented restaurant and a public house which was filled with customers. Needless to say that everyone from our party found their way to the public bar!. We then ordered our food and boarded the train which left punctually. Was British rail ever like that?

The journey passed through very scenic countryside and many of the stations along the way had gardens and frontages decorated with colourful flower displays and hanging baskets. Some of the properties had been sold or rented to families who lived in this lovely location and at one point we passed the local safari park. Eventually, after stopping at some stations and twice seeing groups of Morris dancers, we arrived at Bridgnorth where we had our huge fish & chips supper. One of our group who had once been a boy scout, had the foresight to bring a large jar of pickled onions which made the meal even more enjoyable. It should be noted that the meal, when washed down with further purchases from the bar on the train, made the return journey much quieter.

Our thanks go to Mike Homer who will be taking on the role of advisor to the HS2 Committee.

John Turner

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